Avv. Riccardo Proetto



Riccardo Proetto: CEO, CO-Founder di EDUCTT ® and Smart Branding Expert ™; Co-Creator of the Framework Thinking ® method (better known as Design Thinking), used in all universities in the world. Lecturer at IED University (ied.edu), Author of the books: No one has ever told you about the sales process; GOAL SETTING; Manage time well; Think big and get bigger; Branding Secrets: Unleash your marketing by establishing your Brand.

As a Strategic Leader,

Riccardo Proetto is qualified as Innovation Manager, Business Model Innovator, Privacy Data Protection Officer, Branding Expert, Life Coach, Business Coach, Wealth & Financial Planner, NLP Trainer, Digital Manager and Creator fo the “Framework Thinking ®”.

“… In this age of specialization, I sometimes think of myself as a “Visionary-Innovator” in economics and branding…” said Riccardo Proetto. CEO, lecturer, trainer, coach, mentor, and innovator of Branding Economics. Riccardo Proetto has a lot of knowledge: From Mathematical Economics to current Journalism, From Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Emotional Intelligence. “… My real interests are Creating and Innovating to add more value to people’s lives …”

His work in Business Modeling and his Branding theories can be found in modern welfare economics, linear programming, economic dynamics, international branding, trade theories, logical choices, and maximization. In terms of Framework Thinking® and Branding philosophy, Riccardo states that the best expression of each individual is “The Ultimate Quality Perception”. For these and other reasons, he is called in companies as Business Model Innovator, Innovation Manager, and a Personal and Corporate Branding Strategist alongside CEOs and Managers for targeted interventions through Innovation and Training programs. The EDUCTT Group has demonstrated specific skills and concrete results in every sector. In addition, Riccardo is one of the official advisers of Rockefeller Holding.

During his international experiences at Allianz Bank, Wellsfargo, Apple, and PNB Paribas Group, to name a few, Riccardo has developed the belief that we all build our Brand throughout our lives. Whether we are aware of it or not, we build our Personal Brand, and this Brand allows us to go forward or backward. Our life is a constantly changing picture, and only through constant ecological innovation and a competent BRAND is it possible to thrive even during a period of recession. A Strategic Leadership MINDSET is the keyword.